To recognize the outstanding contributions of our volunteers, USO centers from our four operating regions—Stateside, Europe, Southwest Asia, and the Pacific—nominate a volunteer for “Volunteer of the Quarter” four times a year.  This individual has gone above and beyond in supporting our troops and demonstrating their commitment to the USO mission. From this group of outstanding volunteers a “Volunteer of the Year” is then selected for each region, and, from these nominees comes the USO Volunteer of the Year is selected and honored at our annual gala.

Here are the 2nd Quarter Volunteer Nominees!

HM1 Katherine Chih - Europe USO Volunteer of the Quarter Hospital Corpsman First Class Katherine Chih is a familiar face at the USO Warrior Center at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. During her full-time job duties, she assists Coalition Forces, contractors and non-combat injured service members, with total patient care 12-14 hours a day, five days a week. She also is the Navy lead for the Family Readiness Group.

Despite these huge responsibilities, Katherine still finds time to serve troops by volunteering at the USO. She comes to the center during her lunch hour to assist the staff with midday Distinguished Visitors, host luncheons for the wounded or simply answer phones when staff members are busy. She has come to know many of the wounded on a personal level due to her dedication both on and off duty.  The USO Warrior Center is honored to select Katherine Chih as Volunteer of the Quarter for the Europe region.

Eric Barth - Southwest Asia USO Volunteer of the Quarter Eric Barth is a valued member of USO Qatar. With more than 700 volunteer hours, Eric is one of the center’s most dependable. His commitment to the USO is invaluable, and his dedication is displayed in his efforts to keeping the center running smoothly at all times. As a member of the base Security Forces, Eric is on-call with the military 24-hours a day, yet spends most of his spare time volunteering with the USO.

Eric not only learned behind-the-counter processes such as checking out games and movies, but he also is instrumental in assisting service members as they tape United Through Reading® Military Program recordings. His technology expertise is helpful in ensuring that the center’s gaming stations are operating properly. Eric also is responsible for setting up Pro vs. GI Joe matches and weekly gaming tournaments, events that boost service member morale.  Eric goes above and beyond any and all expectations of what a USO volunteer stands for, and truly deserves the title of USO Southwest Asia’s Volunteer of the Quarter.

Sanae Ogawa - Pacific USO Volunteer of the Quarter Affectionately known as “Sunny” by her peers and center colleagues, Sanae Ogawa volunteers nearly 90 hours a month to the USO. Her local connections have proved vital persuading local businesses to financially support the USO.  During the Thanksgiving holiday celebration, she volunteered to help serve more than 250 single and unaccompanied sailors. During the annual Cookie Caravan event, she helped bake and distribute more than 4,000 bags of homemade cookies.

Sanae also was an integral part of USO Sasebo’s “Christmas Talk With Your Mouth Full” event, arriving at 5:30 a.m. to help set up and feed more than 300 sailors on Christmas morning. She continuously demonstrates her commitment to the USO and our men and woen in uniform. We congratulate her on being the Pacific region’s Volunteer of the Quarter.

Herb Schmeling - United States USO Volunteer of the Quarter USO Puget Sound Area (USO PSA) volunteer, Herb Schmeling continuously gives his all to the USO, putting our nation’s service members first. As one of the center’s most committed volunteers, he regularly gives 60-80 hours a month, and is always available at a moments notice. He represents USO PSA at Combined Federal Campaign events and Family Deployment Fairs, making sure the Fort McChord military community is aware of USO PSA’s programs and services. He was also instrumental in successful Thanksgiving and Christmas food drives, helping serve holiday meals to more than 400 military families.

Affectionately called the “Godfather of Fort Lewis,” Herb was honored for his exceptional efforts, being selected as Fort Lewis’ Volunteer of the Year for 2008.  USO PSA is extremely thankful for the commitment and enthusiasm that Herb displays on an ongoing basis. He inspires everyone around him and is an excellent pick for the Stateside Volunteer of the Quarter!