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“Being a Coast Guard spouse and working with my old job as a Secret Service agent, working with my husband’s two supervisors [on one occasion when Obama was coming to the location where we were stationed] was kind of combining the best of both worlds. [As a spouse I knew] what the Coast Guard community required [for the occasion] and knowing what my job required [for the occasion]…it was really good to marry those two together…I’m really appreciative that I had the background from my husband [and his Coast Guard service] and my job to be able to make my visit [to the location] with Obama successful.”

- Kelly, Coast Guard Spouse | Virginia Beach, Virginia

Editor’s note: To help foster connection and understanding between civilians and service members, we created this series, “Front & Center,” and traveled to USO locations around the world to speak to troops about life in the military and the everyday things they love. Here’s what they had to say.