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“It’s hard being away from our families, but I really do enjoy moving around and seeing new places, meeting new people. It’s a good life, overall.”

- Gina, Coast Guard Spouse | Coast Guard Station Point Judith, Rhode Island

“Outside of the military I’m not sure they really get recognized for the sacrifices they make with careers, jobs, and what they do. A lot of communities don’t make it easy on military spouses, regardless what you may hear on TV or hear in the news. People won’t hire spouses because they know they are going to move in four years. It’s not right, but that’s just what they have to deal with.”

- Steve, Coast Guard | Coast Guard Station Point Judith, Rhode Island

Editor’s note: To help foster connection and understanding between civilians and service members, we created this series, “Front & Center,” and traveled to USO locations around the world to speak to troops about life in the military and the everyday things they love. Here’s what they had to say.