Our donors have a lot of great reasons for giving to the USO, but the one they seem to cite most often is that it just feels good to help the troops and their families.

Now, Kroger has a program where you can get that feeling without opening your wallet.

The national grocery chain came up with the creative idea to allow visitors to allocate a virtual dollar in 25-cent increments to any of four USO programs that help troops and their families around the world. Kroger will then donate a real dollar - up to $100,000 - to the programs each visitor selects.

Those programs are:

  • USO No Dough Dinners: Aimed at enlisted troops and their families, the USO hosts these free dinners at many of its centers around the globe in the run-up to payday to both build community and allow service members to stretch their dollar as far as possible at a time when money is tight.
  • USO/United Through Reading Military Program: The USO partnership with United Through Reading lets troops preparing to deploy – or already overseas – record children’s’ books and send those recordings (along with a copy of the book, in most instances) back to their kids at home. It’s a great way to remind children that mom or dad are still thinking about them from far away.
  • USO/Hire Heroes USA Workshops: Transition to the civilian sector is a huge issue for today’s troops – especially those who were injured in the line of duty. The USO partners with Hire Heroes USA to teach troops from all backgrounds how to write a resumé, prepare for job interviews and even connect with local employers who may be recruiting in the area.
  • Families of the Fallen: When our service members pay the ultimate sacrifice for our nation, the USO is there in the aftermath to support their families. The USO assists with logistics for families traveling to repatriation locations around the country and also provides coping tools and support for spouses and children alike.

So go donate today. It’s free!