The new year has begun and many people have started announcing their New Years Resolutions to friends and family! A common theme we’ve been seeing is that many people have pledged to do more social good this year and give back whenever possible. Here at the USO, we have a few ideas on how you can accomplish that! Our volunteers are there for our troops when their loved ones can’t, so be sure to check out great volunteer opportunities at! But what if you can’t make a regular commitment or there’s no center near you? Don’t fret - as long as you have a computer you can always become a virtual volunteer of the USO!

Another way to get involved is through TEAM USO. By being one of our fundraisers, you join a community united by one goal: to life the spirits of America’s troops and their families! Put your passions to work by selling your award-winning lemon bars or your first solo CD to raise money. Or join our athletes for your next marathon and achieve two resolutions in one - get healthy and support the USO in 2012!!!

Finally, have you thought about becoming a reoccurring donor? By giving a little each month, you help sustain the programs that support our military and their loved ones, like United Through Reading and Operation Phone Home. Start donating today! - Vyque Elessar, USO Director of New Media