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South African Rockers of Seether Connect With American Troops on USO Tours

Monday, March 12, 2012

South African rock trio Seether is slated to spend time with troops and their families on a USO tour to Italy and Turkey Mar. 18-26 after wrapping its “Time of My Life” tour with 3 Doors Down. The group will then be heading back to the United States for a new tour with Nickelback, Bush and other bands. Amidst all of this, the guys from Seether found a few minutes to communicate with with the USO. 

Q: As a band from South Africa, how did you first become aware of the USO and what moved you guys to be involved with the organization? 

Seether: We first heard about the USO through friends of ours in a band called Drowning Pool. They always talked about how cool it was to go out and perform for the troops and meet the great men and women there who are watching our backs. We got approached by the USO shortly after to do the tour in Japan and jumped at the chance. We've always been supportive of the troops and try to do as many shows locally and abroad to show our appreciation. It's the least we can do for the sacrifices they make each day.

Q. You mentioned your first USO tour was to Japan in 2009. What do you all recall most vividly from that experience? 

Seether: [We] recall mostly the people we met. [We] also recall the shows and how thankful everyone was that we were there, it really felt good. The crowd was so rowdy I got a little nervous a few times thinking someone was going to get seriously injured! But I guess it is all part of blowing off some steam. I think they enjoyed the feeling of being at a concert and perhaps feeling at home even just for a bit.

Q. You're peeling away from your European tour to entertain troops stationed in Italy and Turkey. Do you guys approach performances for the troops any differently than you do for your general fan base? 

Seether: Not really, we like to just do our thing and get out there and make some noise! One thing we do only for the troops though is play our song "Out of My Way" which was used on a Marine video, so that's a fun one for us to play. It usually gets a great response.

Q. This is your third USO tour. In your own words, what keeps you coming back to entertain for the USO and the U.S. military? 

Seether: It's a number of things really but I think just to show our support for the troops and what they're doing. They're out there putting their lives on the line so that we may live our lives. It's a big deal and we think they deserve all the support we can give them. We also like seeing how it is on the other side and meeting the men and woman out there. We've been lucky to have had a glimpse into that world and meet some great people.

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