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Satisfaction With USO Services Rises, According to 2012 TellUSO Survey

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

By Eric Brandner 

It’s a soldier Skyping with his family in South Korea. A sailor about to deploy from San Diego recording a United Through Reading’s Military Program DVD. A deployed Marine sitting 10 feet from Toby Keith during an exclusive performance. And a recovering airman at the new USO Warrior and Family Center at Fort Belvoir, Va., learning about life in the civilian career world at a USO/Hire Heroes USA workshop.

The USO listens to what troops and their families want and finds ways to fill those needs. And the TellUSO Sound Off Survey is one of the ways we do it.

More than 16,000 troops and families worldwide participated in the 2012 TellUSO survey, which asks a series of questions that evaluate the usefulness of USO services. The results help the USO set priorities and target areas for improvement.

The USO’s Value Score increased for the third consecutive year in 2012 and now sits at 94 percent. That score is derived from the ratings survey respondents gave to the following five statements:

  • 93 percent believe the USO helps to ease separation from family and friends
  • 98 percent believe the USO boosts the morale of troops
  • 95 percent believe the USO lets them know their country supports them
  • 94 percent believe the USO provides them with the things that help them feel normal in a less-than-normal environment
  • 90 percent believe USO personnel have had a positive impact on them personally

“I use [the TellUSO survey results] as an example of how we know we deliver on our brand promise day in and day out,” said USO President Sloan Gibson on Monday at the USO Leadership Conference in Nashville, Tenn. “And when you do that, you earn trust.”

The survey – conducted Sept. 4-Oct. 2 by research organization TARP Worldwide – is presented to troops and families each year as an online questionnaire that is easily accessible via computers at USO centers.

There was also a boost in both satisfaction with the USO (87 percent responding that they’re “very satisfied”) and willingness to recommend the nonprofit to others, with 89 percent of respondents responding that they “totally agree” with the statement “I am very likely to recommend the USO.”

The ratings of USO center staffers and volunteers also improved, with the “very satisfied” indicators going up for friendliness (86 percent), helpfulness (85 percent) and knowledge level (83 percent).

And on the programs side, the USO’s partnership with Trevor Romain – who provides materials and presentations for military kids – went from 53 percent in the “extremely valuable” category in 2011 to 72 percent in 2012, underlining the value of the partnership.

“We’re really performing at the same level as many of the top companies in many different industries,” said Senior Vice President of Operations Alan Reyes.

* * *

Photo caption: USO of Georgia volunteers welcome the final R&R flight from Afghanistan on April 1 at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta. The USO's value score in the 2012 TellUSO Sound Off Survey was 94 percent, the third straight year its increased. (USO photo) 

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