Mobile USO Features

Mobile USO Features

Mobile USO

When a Mobile USO pulls up, you know it. It looks like a cross between an oversized RV and a truck, with a giant USO painted on the camo-covered exterior. But, in fact, the inside is even more eye-catching. A Mobile USO is a USO center on wheels, offering troops the same kind of support we provide at our stationary centers.

Mobile USOs drive out to remote training areas or communities where troops are helping out during disasters or other emergencies. Taking a quick break to e-mail family to make sure everything is okay (and to reassure them), unwinding with a video game in the gaming area or grabbing a cup of coffee in the canteen have an amazing impact on the will to keep going. If troops cannot get to a USO center, we take a center to them.

For example, a Mobile USO traveled to New York to provide relief to National Guardsmen called up to help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The summer of 2014 also took the Mobile USOs to several remote training locations to support the Army National Guard during their Annual Training Exercises. As one solder stated, “It's always great to have the USO, someone supporting you unconditionally.”

It’s hard not to notice when a boldly painted Mobile USO pulls up on a street or in a parking lot. When we take a Mobile USO out on the road (and they have logged hundreds of thousands of miles), fellow travelers honk their horns and wave in appreciation. When not out in the field, we’ve driven the vehicles to parades, NASCAR races, festivals and all sorts of events where folks gather. Mobile USOs are a great way for the general public to learn more about what we do and to show their support for the troops.

In fact, people’s overwhelmingly positive reaction gave us a great idea. When they see a Mobile USO, they naturally come over to see what we’re about. Now, when they do, they can sign banners and videotape messages to send to troops overseas. We call it “HELLO! From the Homefront.” It’s turned out to be a simple but powerful way for people across the country to say thanks to our troops.

The Lounge

The Mobile USO lounge is equipped with books, magazines and a 46-inch LCD television with state-of-the-art home theater and digital satellite television systems and an Xbox 360 gaming system. Playing cards and board games are also available.

Internet and Gaming Area

The Internet Café offers troops laptops for checking e-mail, internet, and printing, copying and faxing documents. Each of the four stations is also outfitted with an Xbox 360 gaming system, with the ability to play individually or against other Xbox 360 consoles networked within the vehicle.


The rear of the vehicle features a canteen with coffee makers, refrigerator/freezers, microwaves and a serving window.

Bridging Local Communities

The Mobile USOs’ mobility allows local communities and organizations to come together and show their support to the troops and their families. The vehicles, based in Las Vegas, Dallas and Virginia Beach are on the road throughout the continental U.S., serving our men and women in uniform and raising awareness about the USO.

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