USO Fort Campbell

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For three years, the USO Fort Campbell has worked diligently to deliver smiles to local soldiers and families. A year and a half ago, we added USO Nashville to extend support to traveling service members, families, and retirees. Our mission to lift the spirits of America’s troops and their families takes on a heightened sense of urgency this time of year.

As the holidays approach, we are keenly aware that many of our troops will be separated from their families, while others will be joyfully reunited. I am asking for your help to give military families the small gifts that will lift their spirit during the holiday season. Your donation can do so much to bring a smile.

  • For $10, you can provide a ream of paper & printer ink for printing boarding passes at USO Nashville.
  • For $25, you can provide coffee for a week inside one of the USO centers.
  • For $60, you can provide a new video game for guests to try while visiting the centers.
  • For $100, you can provide a soda for all the guests inside USO Nashville on a busy travel day.
  • For $250, you can support a month of internet and cable services at USO Nashville.
  • For $400, you can support a month of internet and cable services at USO Fort Campbell.

    Whether our troops are home or in Afghanistan or Africa, they will know that this community is thinking of them. All gifts are welcome, please give what you can.

Please make a tax-deductible donation today to help us deliver goodness to our troops and their families, to lift their spirits, and to honor their service, sacrifice and courage.

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