There’s Strength in Numbers.

Our world is uncertain. Right now, thousands of men and women in uniform are serving in dangerous conditions while carrying out critical missions around the world. Your efforts will help the USO deliver our trademark support to deployed service members, no matter where they serve.

They Need Us Now

The USO’s goal is to raise $7.5M to build and renovate 37 locations around the world to support service men and women leading the fight to defend our freedom, but we can’t do it without your help. It would mean the world to the heroes we serve if you gave now.

How You Can Help

It is our privilege to serve those who serve our country and we are asking you to join us in our critical mission. You can support America’s men and women in uniform by helping the USO raise the critical funds needed to build 18 new locations and renovate 19 others. Give now to support this project.

If you look at a map, you can see just how far away we are from the Lower 48. The USO ensures that we stay connected to [family, home and country] and we wouldn’t have it any other way. – Senior enlisted leader at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska
  • One The USO is America’s only military support organization that serves the forces from their hometowns to the front lines, from the first day they don their uniforms until the last day they take them off.
  • 2 Million Improving the lives of the men and women who will make more than 2 million visits to these locations each year.
  • 125,000 More service members and military families will be able to use our centers to connect with the very people and places that give such deep meaning to their service and sacrifice.

They Need Us There. They Need Us Now.

As the military’s mission grows, more service members find themselves separated from their families. The USO is there to keep them connected to the people and places they love, but we must expand to meet the military’s growing need for support in remote and isolated areas.

That’s why we’ve launched one of the most ambitious efforts in our history. We plan to build or modernize 37 USO locations around the world to meet the changing needs of our service members.

  • Centers

    Our USO centers are at the heart of our mission, providing comforts of home such as a hot cup of coffee or a phone call to family. To keep service members connected to family, home and country, we are planning to build seven new locations this year in places like Djibouti, Japan, Turkey and the U.S.

  • Renovations and Refurbishments

    Some of our heavily used USO locations need an update, so we’re planning to upgrade and modernize 19 of our locations around the world.

  • RP/6

    The USO and RP/6 are planning eight new sites strategically located around the United States to provide personalized transition support to service members and their families.

  • Military Entrance Processing Stations (MEPS)

    Three new USO locations will provide a homelike atmosphere and a variety of entertainment options for thousands of America’s newest service members.

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