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Caregivers Conference

The USO recognizes that caregivers and spouses of wounded, ill and injured service members play a large role in the recovery of their loved one. At times, caregivers also need to know that they are not alone during their family’s transition. Caregivers Conferences address the common concerns that many families have during their recovery. Topics ranging from resiliency, compassion fatigue, sexual intimacy after injury, children’s grief and suicide and depression are just a handful of topics that subject matter experts address during our conferences.

"This was the best conference that I have ever been to. Great tools, resources, and stories!"- Wounded Warrior Caregiver 

USO Day Rooms

When the comforts of home are not readily available, USO Dayrooms can be a temporary home or respite for warriors, families and medical support staff. USO Day Rooms are located at military hospitals and medical facilities throughout the U.S. and overseas. Each room is equipped with TVs, furniture, gaming systems, refrigerators or other comfort necessities.

USO Warrior Center – Landstuhl, Germany

The USO Warrior Center serves as a comfortable shoulder to lean on in the difficult weeks after a wounded warrior sustains his or her injuries. During a warrior’s brief time as an outpatient at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center, the USO Warrior Center offers a comfortable "living room"-style lounge furnished with reclining sofas, cable television, a fully equipped kitchen, cyber cafe, telephone stations and multiple gaming centers. The USO Warrior Center staff and volunteers work tirelessly to support the thousands of wounded warriors that transition through Germany before heading to the United States for additional medical care.

“The physical wounds are tougher to come by, the emotional wounds hurt a lot more. Being a part of this event has allowed me to be myself and share my story with other veterans that understand the invisible wounds of war.”- CAPT, USAF 

"A lot of programs don’t involve the whole family; it just involves the wounded warrior. But you never hear anything for the kids. One of my kids was diagnosed with secondary PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), so you can’t forget about the kids. This was the first time we have been together as a family. It was an awesome experience!”- TSGT, USAF, Retired 

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