Free Afghan Languages Program

Free Afghan Languages Program

Creating common ground in a foreign land is no different than going about life in your native country. It begins with communication.

The USO, in partnership with The Boston Foundation, Playaway® and Pimsleur Language Programs, is distributing free language training courses in Pashto and Dari – two of the primary languages of Afghanistan – to assist troops in making that verbal connection that can help forge lasting bonds between individuals, and ultimately, nations.

Free Afghan Languages Program features free MP3 downloads of the Pimsleur Pashto 1 and 2, and Dari 1 courses, and includes the distribution of over 11,500 Playaway® audio players in these languages to U.S. Troops, both those about to be deployed and those already on the ground in Afghanistan. Pimsleur courses in either format are completely portable.

With simple, everyday vocabulary, cultural explanations and an introduction to reading, the courses include everything a soldier needs to begin speaking effortlessly with near-native pronunciation.

"I can't thank you enough for creating this program. It is easily the most effective thing I've got to learn Dari." CPT James Proctor

"I am a soldier stationed in Pashtun Afghanistan. With this awesome product, I have built a solid foundation in the Pashto language in just two months, which I successfully use every day with astonished Afghans." Philip Martin, 1st Special Forces Group, 1st Battalion

  •  To learn more, or access the free downloads, visit our download page to connect to the Pimsleur site. 
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