USO Holiday Box Items

USO Holiday Box Items


Here is a sampling of items that the USO can supply to our troops with your generous financial support. Each box contains enough supplies for 50 troops. Donate today.  

Valentine’s Day/Football Box 

-Valentine’s Day cards 

-Sweetheart and peppermint candies 

-Valentine’s Day & Football decorations 

-Holiday-themed movies (“Groundhog Day,” “Wedding Crashers,” Super Bowl Greatest Moments DVD) 

-Flip camera & DVDs to send holiday greetings home 

-Finger football game, Nerf football 

-USO “Thank You” Banner 


Memorial Day/Summer/Fourth of July Box 

-Handheld flags 

-Patriotic streamers and decorations 

-Tablecloths and tabletop decorations 

- Piñata and piñata filler (candy) 

-Bean bag toss, Pin the Beard on Uncle Sam, Patriotic games 

-Popcorn and Betty Crocker Warm Delights 

-Patriotic CDs and DVDs 


Halloween/Thanksgiving Box 

-Candy corn 

-Paper masks 

-Funkins and carving tools 

-Pumpkin lights, balloons and Halloween decorations 

-Thanksgiving decorations 

-Holiday-scented air freshener 

-Scary movies 


Winter Box 

-Snowflake decorations and holiday lights 

-Seasonal greeting cards 

-Holiday CDs and DVDs 

-Popcorn and other holiday treats and candy 

-Hand and feet warmers 

-Holiday-scented air freshener 

-New Year’s decorations 

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