United Through Reading's Military Program

United Through Reading's Military Program

"My wife wrote me that my daughter watches her video everyday and that she answers my questions each time as though I were right [there] asking them. Apparently she has been missing her Daddy pretty badly, and my wife said that now when she mentions me that she just puts in the movie and that it seems to help.” - United Through Reading’s Military Program Participant, USS O’Kane (DDG77)

United Through ReadingThe hardest hit members of a military family are often the youngest. Day-to-day life without a parent can be sad and confusing. So imagine the thrill on a child’s face when he or she sees and hears a bedtime story read by mom or dad. The USO partnership with United Through Reading® allows our deployed troops the ability to read their kids a bedtime book and virtually be there, even when they can’t be there in-person.

Servicemen and women simply read a book aloud while being recorded on DVD for their child. This service is available at many USO centers in airports, community locations, military medical facilities and overseas bases. The DVD and book are mailed to the child and family back home. All recording equipment, books, packing and shipping materials are supplied by the USO.

United Through Reading®, a California-based nonprofit organization, has served over one million beneficiaries since 1990. Since partnering with the USO in 2006, more than 100,000 books have been read at USOs worldwide, recorded, and enjoyed by families.

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