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Sesame Street/USO Moment Maker of the Month: Army Spc. Tammy Alexander

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

By Karen Hart  

In celebration of the six-year run of the Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families tour and the USO's Every Moment Counts campaign, Sesame Street and the USO are spotlighting one service member each month who volunteered their time to create a special moment for some of our youngest heroes.

Sesame Street/USO Moment Maker of the Month: Spc. Tammy Alexander, Fort Riley, Kansas

Q: Where are you from originally?  

I’m originally from Roxie, Mississippi.

Q: How long have you been in the military?  

I’ve been in the military for two years.

Q: What made you want to enlist?  

It’s more of a family thing.  I was in the ROTC for four years in high school.  My instructors thought I should do more with myself and my life and get out of Mississippi and do better things.

Q: What made you want to help out at the Sesame Street/USO show?  

I have seven nieces and nephews and it reminds me of them.  I know they would love to be there.  I love kids and love to be around them so this was a great experience for me.  This was my first time volunteering at a Sesame Street/USO show and it was so much fun.

Q: What was your favorite part of your experience?  

My favorite part was doing the Elmo Slide with the kids and getting some of the kids out there to do it, and teaching them how to.  To be with kids and to see their faces was pretty fun.  Just to be around kids and in a different environment was great.

Q: Is there a special technique to doing the Elmo Slide?  

No, there is no special technique to do the Elmo Slide. Some of the kids were doing the Elmo Slide better than me.

Q: How many times have you had orders to move?  

This is my first duty station.  I also deployed last year.

Q: Is it difficult to move around a lot or to be separated from your family during long deployments?  

It wasn’t that difficult.  We were only deployed for three months and I got to talk to my family every day or every chance I got.

Q: Who is your favorite character in the show and why?  

Cookie Monster because he loves cookies and so do I. 

Q: What are your favorite cookies?  

My favorite is oatmeal cookies. 

Q: What does having the Sesame Street/USO at Fort Riley mean to service members and their families?  Why is important to do this?   

It means that they have support from other families who give their time to support military families ... that they care.  The show gave a positive message to kids and their family. No matter where your family is being stationed you will always have friends to keep in touch with. And if your mom or dad is deployed you can send pictures letters and cards to show your thinking of them every day. 

Q: Is there a special message you would like to share with your friends or family back home?  

I would like to tell them to get a group together to send letters and cards to military families who are deployed to keep their spirits high like some people did for me.  I have a lot of letters from kids that made me smile and got me through my deployment.  Send them cards and pictures to keep their spirits up.  We need more people involved in our community to help military families out, to talk to them, to volunteer with some of the things we have on post.

Q: Is it important to have the support of the community?  

We have some non-military personnel that give back to us through scholarships and by inviting us to events, and I give back to my ROTC program; so yes I find it helpful and it really does make us feel supported and appreciated when people get involved.


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