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VIDEO: Renovating Hope, USO Team Up to Repair Wounded Marine’s Home

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Video by Joseph Andrew Lee  

BLAIRSVILLE, PA. – Huddled under a white tent in the pouring rain in front of a two-story home, a grateful group of Americans thanked a wounded Marine and his family.

“The community here came together to renovate the home of Cory Howard because we all felt he deserved to [raise his family] in a safer, more comfortable place,” said Paul Hoffecker, CEO and founder of Renovating Hope

The USO and Renovating Hope combined to fund and coordinate countless hours of work on Cpl. (Ret.) Cory Howard’s 100-year-old, three-bedroom home, where the leaks were getting so bad that water would occasionally drip down onto the stove while they were cooking.

“He did what he was asked,” said Ed Shock, Vice President of USO Warrior and Family Care. “He went out there and did his mission. He served his country honorably and sustained serious injuries as a result. This is just one way America gives back. Just one way America says ‘thank you for your service.”

See the video here:

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