Spring 2012ON★PATROL, the award winning magazine of the USO, recognizes the service and sacrifice of our service men and women, their families, and the extraordinary efforts of the people and organizations that support them. This quarterly publication is filled with inspirational stories from around the world, with regular updates online.

In This Issue (Spring 2012)

With this issue of On★Patrol we look at the evolution of women’s service in the Military.

For hundreds of years, our nation’s men have fought wars, and through all the conflicts women have supported our troops—mostly as nurses. From the beginning, however, they were fighting their own battle to join the men on the frontlines. Today, they have earned that right. Inside this issue, we look at how that happened and hear from some of the women who paved the way.

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Contributors to ON★PATROL include sports analyst Vince Casey; journalist Rita Cosby; John S.D. Eisenhower; golf commentator David Feherty; historian Sir Martin Gilbert, author Brian Haig, Sesame Workshop President Gary Knell; General Richard B. Myers (Ret.); actor Chuck Norris; Mike O’Shea; cartoonist Tom Richmond; comedian Jeffery Ross; Trevor Romain; actor and economist Ben Stein; and NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. 

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