USO Legacy Society

USO Legacy Society


“No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave”
– Calvin Coolidge


A soldier, a sailor, a Marine, an airman, a Coast Guardsman. These are our sons and daughters, friends and relatives, wives and husbands, neighbors and acquaintances.

These servicemen and women - who provide hope and confront danger on a daily basis - do this not because they want to but because it is their duty, which they hold sacred, and for which they will give their lives.

How can we say thank you?  

The USO Legacy Society includes those friends of the USO who make a gift through a bequest, trust agreement, or other estate plan arrangement to continue the USO’s seventy-plus year history of patriotism, duty, and dedication. The generosity, dedication, and patriotism of our Legacy Society members allows the USO to continue to implement agile and adaptive programs and services which promote a healthy, resilient, confident, and prepared military as our troops continue to deploy far from their communities and family.

Your gift can take many forms and can help you achieve many of your personal financial goals. Whether it be a significant gift during your lifetime, or a gift left as part of your estate, the steps you take right now will support current and future generations of troops and their families.

We invite you to continue this commitment to support those who preserve our nation’s freedom by including the USO in your annual and estate planning decisions. Thanks to the generosity of Americans like you, the USO has been there, and will continue to be there, to fill the empty place in every heart, and to thank all those we hold dear for the extraordinary gift they give us all.

If you have made a gift to the USO as a bequest or other estate plan arrangement, please let us know as we would be honored to add your name to the rolls of the Legacy Society. Simply send us a copy of the pertinent pages of your will, or complete the attached pledge form, to confirm your participation as a Legacy Society Member.

Learn more about how joining the Legacy Society can further the USO’s mission while also providing for your own needs and those of your heirs. To reach the USO’s Planned Giving Department, please call 1-888-484-3876 or send us an email at 


USO Legacy Society Benefits

  • Recognition on the USO’s website and in the USO’s annual report as USO Legacy Society Member
  • A unique, one-of-a-kind, USO Legacy Society Pin
  • An ongoing subscription to the USO’s magazine On Patrol and the USO’s Newsletter Front Lines 
  • An exclusive invitation to a special USO event


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