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Q&A: Sesame Street's Elmo Talks About how he Stays Positive

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

By Christian Pelusi  

Elmo knows how to keep things positive. The red Muppet with the contagious giggle is currently on tour with the Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families, entertaining kids from military families and teaching them the keys to friendship. He logged on to answer a few questions about the tour, meeting new people and his always-positive attitude.  

Q: What is it about zipping around on your tricycle that brings you such joy?   

Elmo: It is so much fun to explore new places and meet new people! Just as long as Elmo’s mommy and daddy are close by.

Q: You’re also an accomplished tap dancer, I hear. How did you become so good at dancing?  

Elmo: You’re making Elmo blush. Elmo is going to turn red! Hehehe. Elmo practiced a lot because Elmo knows that practice makes perfect

Q: What is the secret to maintaining your noted positive attitude?  

Elmo: Elmo just tries to make the best of every situation. Elmo also knows that when Elmo is sad, Elmo can always talk to Elmo’s mommy or daddy or even Elmo’s friends and Elmo will feel better.

Q: You have a pet goldfish named Dorothy. What can you tell us about her?  

Elmo: Dorothy is such a great friend to Elmo. She is a very good listener and that’s why Elmo loves her so much!

Q: What makes you the happiest during the Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families tour?  

Elmo: Elmo is so happy singing and dancing for all the military children and their families with all of Elmo’s friends from Sesame Street! Elmo hopes that they will have fun and learn about the importance of friendship.

(Check out where Elmo and the gang are heading next on our tour calendar.)  


Photo caption: Elmo greets children of military families during a Sesame Street/USO Experience for Military Families tour stop. Photo courtesy of Sesame Street  

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