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Photo caption: Dr. Jill Biden lends a hand with a recent USO care package stuffing event. (Photo credit: USO)
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Dr. Jill Biden Authors Children's Book to Highlight the Strength of Military Families

Friday, June 08, 2012

By Christian Pelusi 

Second lady, educator and ardent military family supporter Dr. Jill Biden has authored a new book, tailored to military families.

The new book, “Don’t Forget, God Bless the Troops,” is a children's book to help military kids adjust to having a parent or parents deployed in service to their country.

Dr. Biden, herself a military parent, knows intimately the challenges that military service presents to a family. Her experience and her relationship with her granddaughter, Natalie, were the impetus for the book. Natalie’s father (Dr. Biden’s son) is a major in the Delaware Army National Guard.

But the motivation to write the book did not stop there.

“My inspiration was traveling all over the country and around the world, meeting with so many military families,” Dr. Biden told WebMD the Magazine.

Dr. Biden will continue her outreach to military families tomorrow with a reading of the book at the D.C. Armory in Washington, D.C. The audience will be members of the D.C. National Guard and their families and the USO will be providing complimentary copies.

Dr. Biden and first lady Michelle Obama have made supporting military families one of their top initiatives since their husbands were elected to the executive branch in 2008. The embodiment of that effort is Joining Forces.

"I have met with families that have maybe not the greatest outcome in that their son or daughter has lost a limb or is dealing with PTS (post-traumatic stress) or, of course worst of all, has been killed in the war," Dr. Biden told USA Today. "This is going to be something for years to come that they'll have to deal with."

To help in that effort, Dr. Biden accepted no advance payment for the book and will donate all net author proceeds to the USO in support of the future education of children of military families. Additionally, the publisher of the book, Simon & Schuster, will make a contribution to the USO to support military children in honor of the book’s publication.

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Photo caption: Dr. Jill Biden lends a hand with a recent USO care package stuffing event. (Photo credit: USO) 

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