Operation Enduring Care


You are not improving lives, you are saving lives. -- Sgt. Brett Chevalier, U.S. Army (Ret.) 

Operation Enduring Care is raising $100 million to help wounded warriors and their families restore lives unraveled by war and do so in the warm and caring context that such sacrifices deserve. A quarter of the funds will go to construct two wounded warrior family centers — one at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Md., and one at Fort Belvoir, Va. Another $25 million will endow these centers, making them self-supporting. The other $50 million will underwrite programs to be offered at the centers and around the nation and the world that advance these heroes and their families toward their goal of embracing a future of fulfillment and promise.

The USO Wounded Warrior Family Centers will offer a setting of dignity and humanity where the healing that has begun can accelerate. Men and women wrestling with the aftermath of combat will be able to embrace their roles as parents and spouses, enjoying family meals and companionship in a home-like atmosphere. And the centers’ business services will make it easier for them to manage the daily business of life, from recordkeeping to paying bills. On the difficult haul back toward restoration, these centers and their programs will be important way stations, as well as havens for the spirit.

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