2014 Spring USO Caregivers Conference

Meet. Share. Learn.


Together, as a community, learn how to care for yourself while caring for your wounded, ill or injured loved one at the 2014 Spring USO Caregivers Conference.

The USO Caregivers Conference will be held on Friday, April 25th at the Antlers Hilton in Colorado Springs, Colo. Conducted by USO Warrior and Family Care and in partnership with USO Colorado Springs, the conference will be open to spouses and caregivers of wounded, ill and injured service members, healthcare support staff and other community advocates from the surrounding area. During the conference, special guest presenters will share their expertise during a range of sessions.

The day will cover the following topics:

  • game On Nation – Let's Play: How the Science of Game Dynamics Serves YOU! 
  • Compassion fatigue
  • Caring for yourself

... as well as additional breakout sessions to include conversations about:

  • Couples intimacy and communication
  • Strategies for taking care of yourself
  • Strategies for addressing challenging behaviors
  • Self-Care
  • Breaking barriers to healthier communication


... and many more great sessions!

Register today for a chance to win one of two iPads we're raffling away!

5th Annual Caregivers Conference 

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