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Supporting Fort Hood
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Supporting Fort Hood

Thursday, April 03, 2014

USO Staff  

In the wake of yesterday's tragedy at Fort Hood, our USO staff and volunteers supported III Corps and Fort Hood troops and families through the night. Many, including about 650 individuals at the Emergency Action Center and another 1,200 witnesses, were unable to return home until early this morning. USO Fort Hood staff and volunteers delivered donated food and items to those required to remain on base.

In the Fort Hood area, we thank Domino's Pizza, HEB, Big Hoss BBQ and Sam's Club for supporting that mission. We appreciate your dedication to our soldiers and their families and our USO mission to always be by their sides.

Our mission to support our troops and their families, as well as those involved in the investigation, will continue as long as needed.

The USO is proud to be a part of the Fort Hood community and will keep its soldiers and their families in our thoughts and prayers.


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